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[5 Jan 2018 | No Comment | Posted by ]
From the Diary of a Colombo Crossdresser – Episode II

So with the urge to dress up starting to increase with each passing day, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to pull this off without anyone catching on. As with most crossdressers, I had only one option. Since I had no sisters my only option was to try on some of my mother’s old clothes.
Then it became a waiting game to find a time window where I was home alone. Lo …

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[4 Jan 2018 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Sri Lanka Should Tackle Sexuality, Gender Identity Bias

Thursday, 04th January 2018
By Neela Ghoshal
In November 2015, I sat in a small circle of plastic chairs outside a rustic hotel in Sri Lanka’s coastal town of Ambalangoda. Against a backdrop of fruit trees and waves lapping the shore I listened to horrific stories from six gay, bisexual, and transgender people whom a Sri Lankan gay activist had convened to meet with Human Rights Watch.
“Abeeth” (all names are changed for privacy and security), a young …

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[1 Jan 2018 | No Comment | Posted by ]
The Invention of Heterosexuality

Monday, 01st January 2018
by Brandon Ambrosino
The 1901 Dorland’s Medical Dictionary defined heterosexuality as an “abnormal or perverted appetite toward the opposite sex.” More than two decades later, in 1923, Merriam Webster’s dictionary similarly defined it as “morbid sexual passion for one of the opposite sex.” It wasn’t until 1934 that heterosexuality was graced with the meaning we’re familiar with today: “manifestation of sexual passion for one of the opposite sex; normal sexuality.”
Whenever I tell this to …

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[19 Dec 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Beyond the Report Button: Tackling Cyber-Violence in Sri Lanka

By Amalini De Sayrah
It started with a few comments on Facebook. A 26 –year-old woman shared her opinion on a Facebook status. The discussion was about religion. Someone disagreed with her. The status transformed into a bitter ‘comment war.’ Nothing particularly unusual so far. It was what happened afterwards that was disturbing.
“Following the comments, I had several hateful messages sent to me via Facebook,” she shared.
It didn’t stop there. The angry commenter had purchased a …

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[19 Dec 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
From the Diary of a Colombo Crossdresser

I can’t remember exactly when I started to crossdress, but I can recall that I liked the sensation or silk and satin since I was a teenager. Back in the mid to late 90s, during my teen years, I had no idea this was a normal phenomenon. As I had no one to talk to or guide me, I embarked on this journey on my own and nearly 2 decades down the road, I decided …

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[6 Oct 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
BLIP @ 6

So our wonderful Blip turned 6!!! He is well and truly a BOY now!!! No ‘baby’ signs at all remaining for us to cling on to a time where there were no questions or challenges, just complete and utter devotion, acceptance and dependency.
Since my last update when he was 3 ½ years old (cos that’s how long it took for me to get here again!), he has changed in leaps and bounds – finally in dadda’s …

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[3 Oct 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Let Women Decide: Some Feminist Perspectives on the ‘Abortion Debate’

Sunday, 1st October, 2017
By Subha Wijesiriwardena
At this moment in Sri Lanka, ‘the abortion debate’ has sprung up once again; with the cabinet purportedly attempting to pass a bill which would legalize abortions for women under two circumstances[1] – if the woman is a victim of rape or if the foetus is detected to have ‘Lethal Congenital Malformation’. The Sri Lankan Penal Code of 1883 (yes, that’s right, that’s the year our criminal law is from: 1883) criminalizes …

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[16 Aug 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
A Perspective on Male Sexual Entitlement

‘Surely it’s a lady behind the wheel!’ is a phrase I’ve heard being used many times to describe rather discordant drivers on the road. Is it because women are generally reckless drivers or that men are always proper in their driving? The accident rate in the country and the stories behind them may actually say otherwise. Nonetheless it’s always the women that get the blame for problematic driving. This got me thinking, is it because …

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[16 Aug 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Owning Our Shadow

By Sajeeva Samaranayake

Is there a deeper problem at the heart of this society apart from its Government (according to some) and western conspiracies (according to others)? If there is a deeper set of causes will we ever identify them as a society? In this spirit I am content to offer my diagnosis without delivering a prescription in the same breath.
What is nation building?
Nation building is to build a common space which all citizens can call …

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[18 May 2017 | No Comment | Posted by ]
Internet Governance Forum 2017: A Statement from The Grassrooted Trust

18th May 2017
Recommendations following the Cyber Security and Safer Internet panel at the Internet Governance Forum 2017, hosted by the Internet Society Sri Lanka Chapter on 18th May 2017
The Grassrooted Trust has been part of the National Task Force on Cyber Exploitation, set up by the National Child Protection Authority in June 2015. This task force included the Solicitor General and SL CERT. Over the past two years Grassrooted has recorded case studies and helped …