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It’s not the digital technology. It’s how we use it.

23 May 2011 Posted by No Comment

Two days ago Hans texted me saying “facebook fast spread sexually transmitted diseases” read it on lankapuwath.lk – This can be your next article. I read the news and passed it to my dad and to my super hero sis to get their opinion.

My dad said its an unethical news since it doesn’t have a source and it is irrelevant to Sri Lanka. Also he said this can be the first step to ban Face book in Sri Lanka. He was right. This ‘news’ was sent to the mobile phones as a text message. Lot of parents will get the message; they will freak out about their children using FB and will support to create a social opposition towards FB.

On the other hand Yes it has an ethical issue about the web site’s media practice. Let’s keep it aside.

Then my sister said – how come? does the virus or bacteria comes through the key board? and what is the big deal with finding fuck buddies through facebook if you use condoms. She said it’s fun you can have cyber sex also!! Then she asked “ is face book the only way of young people finding partners in the US where there is a naked capitalism” defending FB as an absolute FB fan.

The problem with this ‘news’ – is that it is intended to complain about young people using internet. Why not talk about sexual abuse which happens via internet. Why not talk about sexual exploitation in the pornography industry? And this ‘news’ is not based on a Sri Lankan research. So firstly the content of the ‘news’ is irrelevant. But lets suppose this has happened in SL.

Coming back to the article which is based on a research – God knows who did that, in the US, says “social networking can make it easier to move on to multiple partners before learning about their sexual history”.
My question is do we really care about the sexual history of the people who we are dating? Even though we want to know the sexual diary of our fuck buddies would they tell us the exact number of the people who he or she has had sex with? I wouldn’t. Does that number really matter? Not at all if you know about safe sex. If you know how to protect yourself and others there is no big deal of having sex.

According to this article Facebook is an ideal wet ground for young people to find sex partners and they engage in sex without knowing their partners properly. I think these researches have forgotten that sex is a human need and abstinence is no longer valid. Young people are sexual beings and have the right to a healthy sex life.

What is the point of blaming FB without providing our young people a comprehensive sex education. Young people need accurate information about sex and sexuality if they are to negotiate sexual relationships safely and responsibly. We don’t teach them. Avoiding the subject won’t stop young people having sex, but it may result in them relying on inaccurate information, putting them at risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections. And also talking to young people about sex does not encourage sexual experimentation.

Young people are exposed to images and stories about sex in the media every day specially porn and dating sites. They talk to their friends and seek out information on the Internet. Not all of this information, however, is accurate or empowering.

The main point we must understand is that the fault is not with facebook or with technology but our unspoken behavior. Technology does not spread diseases but it can be a pathway to inaccurate and age inappropriate information. In that case before the internet teaches about sex we must!!


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