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The Grassrooted Trust, supported by British Council Colombo, are offering fellowships for writers, photographers and videographers in Sinhala and Tamil. The aim is to create content that engages with young people in Sri Lanka via the relationship education portal bakamoono.lk. The fellowship seeks to support 32 young people who will in turn support their peers on issues related sex and relationships. It is not so much about penises and vaginae, and what fits in where, …

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Monday, 25th June 2018
By Deduni de Silva 
“Whilst Canada votes to legalise recreational cannabis use, SL sends women’s equal rights in the fight against alcohol to pot!!”
Gazettes were published and withdrawn in haste; Supreme Court action was filed in equal haste; yet leave to proceed keeps getting postponed and we all wait in anticipation and trepidation!
How deeply etched in our little minds is this so called ‘culture’ and ‘tradition’, and how entwined is the ‘woman’s role’ …

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This Easter Sunday, Grassrooted presents V Day 2018 PatriANarchy – a look at how our patriarchal values continue to inflict violence on us in Sri Lanka. Like previous years, The performances are based on interviews, discussions and conversations with victims, survivors and perpetrators, and stories covered by the national press.
In 2018 V Day moves to aptly named Idea Hell @ 45/6 Alwis Place Colombo 3 (Near Bishop’s College Auditorium) – A renovated air conditioned warehouse that …

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So with the urge to dress up starting to increase with each passing day, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to pull this off without anyone catching on. As with most crossdressers, I had only one option. Since I had no sisters my only option was to try on some of my mother’s old clothes.
Then it became a waiting game to find a time window where I was home alone. Lo …