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♫ Situation Assessment of Condom Programming in Sri Lanka 2015 – National STD/AIDS Control Programme, Ministry of Health  & United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

“We Want to Learn About Good Love” Findings from a Qualitative Study Assessing the Links between Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Violence Against Women and Girls 2015 – Plan International UK

Universal Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health: Country Profile 2015 – Developed by the Women & Media Collective in partnership with ARROW, SIDA & European Union.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2014 – “The logic of Toonen and Goodwin informs two recent foci of Human Rights Watch’s privacy-related work: our call for decriminalizing simple drug use and possession, and our push for decriminalizing voluntary sex work by adults.”

♫ Emerging Concerns and Case Studies on Child Marriage in Sri Lanka 2013 (UNICEF) – An excellent overview of how young women, especially, are victims of emotional and sexual violence,and a discussion of our existing laws, including our perceptions of these laws,and young women, as Sri Lankans.

Media Reportage on HIV & Key Populations in Sri Lanka 2013 (UNDP) – This report, which was Grassrooted’s final UN consultancy, includes recommendations,which if implemented, will reduce the misinformation, reinforcing of stereotypes, and above all stigma and discrimination that key populations face as a result.

♫ HIV Risk Factors and Health Seeking Behaviors of Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) community in Sri Lanka 2013 – This study is based on the data being gathered under Global Fund Round 9 by grassroots agencies such as Heart to Heart (Colombo) & Raja Rata Gami Pahana (Anuradhapura). 

The Harms of Drug Use: Criminalisation, Misinformation & Stigma 2013 – This publication simplifies the discussion around harm reduction, and is accessible to those outside of the drug user fraternity.

Global Commission on HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights & Law July 2012 – Laws that affect the HIV response and key affected populations.

♫ National Policy on HIV in World of Work Sri Lanka – An excellent policy developed in partnership with the International Labour Organization.

♫ National HIV Policy Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the region to have a policy in place to protect the rights of people living with HIV.

The Death Penalty for Drug Offences Global Overview 2011: Shared Responsibility and Shared Consequences – a report that underlines the need for an enabling environment…

♫ Beirut Declaration on HIV and Injecting Drug Use – A key statement from the Harm Reduction Conference 2011 in Beirut

♫ Revised WHO Guidelines on Antiretroviral Therapy for Adults and Adolescents 1Revised WHO Guidelines on Antiretroviral Therapy for Adults and Adolescents 2 – Very accessible!

ZERO Draft on HIV 2011Take a look at this, hot off the press!

Building Partnerships on HIV and Sex Work 2011 – This is a report on the Asia Pacific region that includes crucial civil society input incl. Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers.

♫ Key Advocacy Messages for Youth UNGASS 2011 – It is the international year of the youth, but so few are connected.

♫ 2011 UN Secretary General’s Report on HIV – Have a look, it does matter what he says when it finally percolates down to the grassroots.

Feminist and Rights-based Perspectives:  Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights in Disaster Contexts (2011) by the Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW)

The Status of Lesbians, BisexualWomen andTransgendered Persons in Sri Lanka: NGO Shadow Report to the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (January 2011) – This report prepared by the Women’s Support Group is groundbreaking, and vital to understanding the status of marginalized women in Sri Lanka.

People Living HIV Stigma Index Sri Lanka 2010 Report – The Stigma Index is a global tool developed to measure changing trends in stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV and to help advocacy efforts on key barriers and issues perpetuating stigma.

♫ UNGASS Country Progress Report Sri Lanka 2010 – Take a look at what we know about Sri Lanka

♫ Dance Ponnaya Dance: Police Abuses Against Transgender Sex Workers in Sri Lanka – Evidence of a marginalized community that is ignored in Sri Lanka

♫ Kinsey Report Sri Lanka – Although this document is a few years old (2004) the Kinsey Institute has captured a sexual snapshot of our island that merits reading.

♫ National Report on Violence and Health 2008 – A source for statistics that make sober reading for Sri Lankans


Positive Prevention: Prevention Strategies for People Living with HIV – This IPPF/INP+ collaboration lays out a framework of shared responsibility when discussing HIV prevention and also HIV disease progression. An excellent tool for the HIV positive community, care givers and those who do HIV prevention programming.

Media Information Resource Pack: The UN and Global Drug Policy – This pack has been compiled by the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), a global network of NGOs and professional networks that specialise in issues related to illegal and legal drug use. This pack provides information and easily accessible background resources on the key issues relating to the UN drug control system.

Know It, Prove It, Change It: A Rights Curriculum for Grassroots Groups – This new curriculum is created to help grassroots organizations in communities affected by HIV & AIDS understand their basic rights, document rights abuses, and design and implement advocacy campaigns.

International HIV/AIDS Alliance: Advocacy in Action – A toolkit to support NGOs and CBOs – Learn how to create and build advocacy campaigns that work!

International HIV/AIDS Alliance: Developing HIV/AIDS Work with Drug Users – A very useful participatory tool that ensures people who use drugs are a part of the intervention design and implementation.

WHO: Manual for Reducing Drug Related Harm in Asia – A great resource to inform interventions on the ground.

IPPF: Healthy, Happy & Hot – A great manual for HIV positive people on living with HIV.

UNESCO: International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education – An honest and evidence based document from UNESCO which caused controversy!

TARSHI Basics & Beyond: Integrating Sexuality, Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights – A Manual For Trainers – While the actual document isn’t available online, buy it! It’s one of the best training manuals on sexuality we have come across.

Population Council: ITS ALL ONE – The most recent (2010) and completely comprehensive manual for sexuality education.

Empower: Youth, Arts & Activism – A great manual on how young people can use the arts for activism. Get Inspired!

Public Health Agency of Canada: Raising the Roof – a very interesting manual on developing a youth sexuality education program while adopting a mental health promotion approach

♫ Language Centre: Method & Research Design – For tips and procedure on designing research and research methodologies.

♫ Cambridge Lindge & Latin School: Basic Steps in the Research Process – This is basically a research guide for dummies, a great starting point for a programme or project needs assessment.

♫ World Population Foundation: Evidence and Rights based Planning & Supporting Tool –  A comprehensive toolkit for planning and support for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)/HIV interventions for young people.

♫ CIVICUS: Monitoring & Evaluation – A simple toolkit for setting up a monitoring and evaluation system for your project or organisation


♫ IPPF Declaration of Sexual Rights

♫ Yogyakarta Declaration of Sexual Rights

♫ HERA Declaration of Sexual Rights


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