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By Uda Deshapriya
Rape is an intrusion. Your body, your home, gets intruded while you just scream in your head.  When it’s over, it makes you want to have a shower as soon as possible, wear ankle length pajamas, curl up under the blanket and sleep. It is not pleasant. It makes you very angry. It happens to all of us. Men, women and children. The mothers, brothers, law students and the people you can’t believe …

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I was 17 when I became pregnant, the sex wasn’t consensual. Nothing in life will prepare you for the panic that will come over you when you see two lines that come up on a piece of paper soaked in your own urine. You’re always in denial when it comes to the first positive pregnancy test and after you have peed on six more pieces of paper the awful reality hits you, and it hits …

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Of the thousands of photos taken of our little munchkin over the past years, why did I choose this one for my update on BLIP…? (NB – mind you, this was the ONLYaspect of the previous version of the article that was commended!). So why this photo? For many reasons – for just how happy and joyful he looks in it; for the complete freedom and liberation it represents, away from stereotypical ‘gender markings’; the fact that …

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Shantanu died last Wednesday. Not yesterday. Last Wednesday. I’m still processing this. And like other deaths of those I love, I’ll probably always process last Wednesday.
Shantanu was my peculiar window into Bengal. My mentor. He was also a person who used drugs.
“A fucking addict! So what?”
I remember stolid Calcutta nights in his makeshift living room when his toddler son used to fetch his ceramic box of green, and Shantanu would look at me and laugh.
“Am …