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V Day 2016 Tenderness PFEJ

V Day 2016: Tenderness is based on interviews and discussions with people from around Sri Lanka on gender based and intimate partner violence. This year’s collection of performance pieces are stories that people hardly discuss, because sometimes it’s just too difficult to tell anyone. Who would believe them? But if we listen, people always find a way to tell those stories. To feel the catharsis of the narrative, where in the retelling of the story …

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(Buddhist monks clash with military and police officers at a protest held in front of Homagama Court against the arrest of Gnanasara Thero General Secretary of Bodu Balu Sena, an extremist Buddhist organization. Photo credits: Eshan Fernando)

What does it mean exactly to give up an ethnic identity? Is it possible to erase one’s ethnic identity? Though, it may not be possible to erase one’s ethnic roots, giving up identity could be usually a political decision and a political statement. Furthermore one does not have a singular identity, but multiple identities, all of which are socially constructed. It is easier to define ourselves within frameworks of these existing identities; especially within identities …

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9th March 2016
This letter comes to you from Positive Hopes Alliance; an organization comprising of people living with HIV, The National Union of Sea Farers in Sri Lanka; a union that works tirelessly to prevent HIV among the seafaring community of this country, The Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka; young people that advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and The Grassrooted Trust that works on Comprehensive Sexuality and Relationship Education and HIV prevention, …

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The Human Rights Commission and National Child Protection Authority have considered the right to education of the 5 year old child who has applied for admission to the Sambodhi Primary School at Ilukhena in Kuliyapitiya and urgently call the attention of relevant authorities and members of the general public to the following matters:

It is the clear duty of the Government to recognize the right to education of the 5 year old child who applied …