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V Day 2015 Newspaper Add for Ada 2

This year too, our V Day production promises to push the boundaries and bring the violence and humiliation we face as women and girls right to your doorstep. The Colombo production on 31st March 2015 @ Barefoot Cafe will be predominantly in English, interspersed with Sinhala and Tamil performances by some of Colombo’s leading actors on stage. In August Grassrooted for the first time takes V Day on the road to Kandy, and then later …

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Call on RCEP countries to protect public health and access to medicines as 7th Round of  negotiations gets underway in Thailand this week.
Bangkok, 9 February 2015 –
As negotiators from 16 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including all ASEAN countries, China and India, meet in Thailand this week for the 7th round of negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), groups fighting for access to affordable health care for all see their hopes threatened …

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birds and bees

2015, Sri Lanka’s new beginning. Hope. Confusion. Resentment. Hope. The I-told-you-so-ers are waiting in the wings. Failure imminent, apparently. Tails are up. Sarongs similarly tied about fat and thin and hairy thighs. Even if everything goes wrong it won’t be as wrong. Tread carefully. Slippery slope. Holier-than-thou alert. It’s the same argument on both sides. Good versus evil. Ask the Japanese. Arguments of infinite regression, futile. Ask Palestine.
Women have spoken this time, they said. They …

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Today we judged a theatre competition on HIV, or more aptly “AIDS”. I felt defeated. For a moment. Or two. I needed to remind myself that the actors spoke only of what they knew to be true. What they thought to be fact. What they had learnt. The key message remained HIV=AIDS=Death. Regressive. And this on the day that scientists announce the emergence of a milder form of HIV due to the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy. Simply, deterrent …